It had started to dry and flake off, but that didn’t change the fact that Tripsibet Teavalve was once again covered with mud.

She was not as vexed by the grime as she was that she hadn’t managed to finish the remote part of her magic-sensor bot. But the call had come in (not so much a call as a shutter on a certain building left at a certain angle) from her contacts at SI:7 and here she was. In another pit, not finding what they thought she’d find.

In truth, the paucity of evidence to support the idea that magic was behind the tremors suggested that such a sensor would probably not be too helpful. (Though she still thought it was a Neat Idea and would probably be useful Sometime.) And if magic weren’t involved, then the world was probably not going to be split apart like Draenor, and things would probably settle down after a bit of quaking. SI:7 would be sure to find something else that needed her attention.

She wriggled as deeply into a crevice as she could. Where the mud scraped off, her leathers showed dull green. She hammered a steel spike into the ground, then fixed the seismometer to it. After giving it an experimental tap for QA, she began the climb back to the surface.


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