mana, I miss you so

Most of the 5.0.4 changes  I have sorted.  There are new buttons on my bars, new addons are configured, I’ve spent time at the target dummies getting my fingers used to the feel of my new DPS priorities.

But my mana. Oy. My healing toolkits aren’t changed much, but that missing mana has me all confuzzled.

This was the first week post-patch that we cleared DS. Everything was fine until we finished Blackhorn and I saw my mana bar was empty. What? Did I ever have to pay attention to mana on Blackhorn? I didn’t remember, but I was disconcerted and swapped out a throughput trinket for a regen one for Spine.

The good news after Spine was that I had plenty of mana.  The bad news was that my healing was rubbish. (And by rubbish I mean 50% more would not have raised any eyebrows.) For Madness I went back to my usual trinket but switched to the Spirit flask.

Madness: Ugh. I had to stand there and not do stuff. If I tried to top everyone off, my regen couldn’t keep up, so I would just stand there and not cast when people weren’t dangerously low. I didn’t like that. If people are fine, I want to throw some DPS at stuff! If they’re not fine, I want to make them shiny! The fight felt wrong. My HPS picked up some, and overall I played a little too conservatively, ending the fight with 1/3 mana or so (and not using a mana pot).

I’m trying to figure out how to deal, since this is the way things are now, I can see I’m going to have to be a lot more serious about Innervate. The nerf to mana pools means that Innervate now restores a lot less. Perviously I’d wait for a Power Torrent proc which would get my mana up around 150k max and hit Innervate. But now that mana pools aren’t buffed by Intellect,  Innervate returns 20k mana when I’m used to 30k. That’s hurty.  I plan to start using Innervate earlier (I could have fit four of them into Madness instead of three) and will work up a WeakAuras alert for that. 

Other than that…. I suppose I’ll flail for a bit.


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