Looking back on Cataclysm goals

I didn’t have any terribly extensive goals at the start of Cataclysm, but I was thinking this morning about how some things worked out, others didn’t, and how my priorities changed.

Roleplay – At the beginning of the expansion I was pretty frustrated. But I rolled an alt on a different server a couple months in and it was like my old server wasn’t an RP server at all. I still have the problem of liking to create characters that are kind of ordinary and hence don’t get much attention, but those characters interest me more than loud, crazy ones.

RP has become less of a priority for me in large part because the RP community in WoW is kind of dumb. And by “community”, I mean those people who argue on internet forums about RP without considering that there might be reasons why others RP differently than they do. Maybe it shouldn’t affect me, but I am nonetheless discouraged when I reflect that no one seems to have the same understanding underpinning their RP that I do.

Raiding – My Alliance-side coalition of scrub RPer-raiders fell apart at the beginning of Cata. We had half a raid and we’d pug some people who’d come in, learn fights and then not show up the next week. We wiped a lot. Then a couple of core people left for an actual raiding guild and that was that.

I wanted to be in an RP guild and still raid. Ideally I wanted to raid with a group of RPers. It was fun in Wrath. It became clear this wasn’t going to happen Alliance-side. Over on the other server, though, my warlock grew up and I joined pugs for BWD and BoT to finally see them. The warlock’s (RP) guild even turned out to be good at raiding when they set their minds to it.

They didn’t set their minds to it often, though, and I grew antsy. My new druid fell in with a nice bunch and zoomed through the T11 content and then T12, hitting a brick wall at (normal) Ragnaros. When that group gave up, I eventually took the druid out of her RP guild to join an actual raid group where she remains today. I seem to be more motivated than most of the people I’ve raided with–I saw people get discouraged at wiping to Magmaw and Ragnaros and stop showing up, but it just made me want to kill them more. Maybe I should think about being in a serious raiding guild.

I’d like to have done some hardmodes–even my Alliance scrub RP coalition managed some hardmodes in ICC–but at least I managed to see all the non-heroic bosses die.

Stuff – I like doing stuff with guildies. I like doing Stuff in general in WoW, and so I often end up watching Trade for pugs to do Stuff. (And watching Trade is usually a pretty de-motivational activity.) I was (am) pretty envious of people who have a partner or a group to whom they can suggest “Hey, let’s do Stuff!” and Stuff happens.

I had hoped to find a person or people whose interest was at the same level as mine so I could RP any old time and so I could leave Trade turned off.

These days, I’m expecting a burst of activity at the beginning of MoP, but I wonder if I need to find a group that does more PvE together.

Overall Score – Still playing, wanting to raid MoP and pwn some Challenge Modes.


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