Classes considered OOC

A scout.

Yup. I am of the school of thought that, when RPing, it’s usually a bad idea to call people out as being a particular class.

But then my background is that I played NWN for years before playing WoW, and NWN is D&D. And in D&D, there’s a thing called multiclassing. You can take levels of monk with your cleric, f’rinstance. This helps to muddy the waters a little so that people aren’t tempted to just call people by their class names. And among the people I played with there was an understanding that you took levels of classes that represented something of the background of your character, but you couldn’t assume that, say, all Bards were the same kind of character.

I’ve known bards that were bards, fortune-tellers, pranksters, soldiers and spies. My rogue in NWN wasn’t a “rogue”, whatever that is, she was a grifter who lied about being a princess and needing help to get her family riches back. My first rogue in WoW wasn’t a “rogue”, but a scout for SI:7. My orc rogue is a coward who stabs people in the back because she’s weak and afraid to face them in a fair fight. My Forsaken warlock isn’t a “warlock”, she’s a researcher who tries to dig up the rubrics of powerful magics regardless of their origin. She’s not a Medivh or Gul’dan.

A lot of people are happy to play to the stereotype of their class (and my bard was definitely a  bard) but to limit players to only playing those stereotypes is, I think, too much to ask.

The WoW community doesn’t have the same kind of background. Even questgivers love to call people by their class! I’m pretty sure this is as bad for rp as D&D’s alignment system is. (OH LOOK, something else I can rant about sometime.)

Character > class.


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