Honor or Whatever!

Rades had a great writeup on Tides of War that I found myself nodding along with and mentally yelling “that’s what I’m talking about!”

So I propose a new slogan for the Horde: “Whatever!”

As a Horde player, I find that the actions of NPCs in my faction don’t do a very good job of exemplifying honor. Why do they even mention it? Maybe the original writers felt that orcs would have this honor thing going on and it became lost and irrelevant with time like a discarded campaign slogan? I don’t know, but this is not the only time I’ve felt that Blizzard is just making stuff up as they go along.

It’s fine to be inconsistent and retcon things as you go along and have NPCs change their personalities every month and have a timeline that no one can sort out. It’s fine if you don’t care about your story making sense. It’s still a fun game. It just makes for a bad story and it’s aggravating to try to roleplay in. Although…ok, this is just off the top of my head, but what if your character realized they were living in some dreamlike Wonderlandish setting? What if they thought everyone was crazy for thinking the wowrld was consistent? Maybe I just figured out my monk’s personality. Anyhow.

My own orc believes that her leadership is honorable and thinks it’s her own stupidity that makes her unable to see how things that seem dishonorable are actually swell. My non-orc characters are free to think that orcs are just dumb and them saying “Honor” is like an American saying “um”.

Personally, I think the honorable thing would have been for Garrosh to step down after killing Cairne. He should have been shamed at being used by the Grimtotem. But he stayed Warchief, spinning the situation like a slimy politician, and for some reason Magatha Grimtotem is still alive. There could be a good reason she’s still alive; it could be in one of those books I refuse to read because any time someone talks about them they sound awful.


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