The best and worst things in WoW

Remember when the profanity filter kept getting switched back on?
Remember getting tired of going to turn it off every session?
Remember eventually just leaving it on? No? Well, well that’s what I did. It amuses me to see all the special characters and mentally read them as, e.g., “I’ll punctuate your punctuation up.”

But anyway. I was reflecting about the worst thing in WoW. Because I encountered the worst thing in WoW again, and it was depressing. Now, there may be people out there who feel that to abuse for the sake of one’s ego and to be abused is the best part of being a social animal, but I am not one of them.

See, I think the best thing in WoW is doing Stuff with people who also have fun doing Stuff with people. To you people, you are all kinds of awesome. There would be no point in playing without you. It’s even ok when we do ridiculous things and end up dead because we’re all having fun trying.

If you want to stand in Coren Direbrew’s whirlwind and see if I can heal through it, sure! That might be fun. If you want to not aggro the brewmaidens so your healer gets barreled, well, that could be good for a laugh.

But if someone calls their healer some kind of punctuation-laden baddie and the worst healer ever after OOMing her and getting her disoriented for the sake of their DPS e-peen, then that person is, in fact, the worst thing in WoW. I do not know how they find people to play with other than the random queue. Where I find them.

Need friends to run Direbrew for trinket, in other words.

I’ve gotten so used to people being positive and upbeat about MoP, that it was a real surprise to bump into this alternate reality of bitterness and abuse. I wish I knew of a way to never play with that kind of person. I mean besides “unsub”. Although there’s something to be said for that.


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