bones bleach on the beach

clifftop trees lose blood-red leaves

darkmoon rabbit naps


mana, I miss you so

Most of the 5.0.4 changes¬† I have sorted.¬† There are new buttons on my bars, new addons are configured, I’ve spent time at the target dummies getting my fingers used to the feel of my new DPS priorities.

But my mana. Oy. My healing toolkits aren’t changed much, but that missing mana has me all confuzzled. Continue reading

Random Encounter 9

From Anainn’s Random Encounter thread on the SoE realm forum. I picked 9 for Tripsy and got #9: You have been gnome-napped!

Sodding fel. This was not her blanket.

Suddenly awake, she froze, willing herself to feel the warmth of–no. No one else in the bed. She went from panic to high alert. Slowly, she lifted her head. A flowered comforter. A nightstand. Candleholder with unburnt candle. No neighboring pillow with a dent in it.
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