Janitorial Adventures

So now I’m a guild leader.

This is weird.

I am an enthusiastic observer of social phenomena, and I think guilds are interesting little petri dishes. I’ve seen great and awful and, mostly, so-so. I know what I want a guild to be like. I know what “great” is for me. But I don’t know that I have the ability to make that happen. Part of that is me, part of that is just the luck of the draw with people.

A great guild experience, for me, happens when people start doing things together. Some of them become friends. Little friend-groups start asking people in guild chat if they can help run a heroic to get some piece of transmog gear, or saying we should each roll a gnome with “bolt” in the name and go on a spree. Greatness happens when it’s easy for people to fall into random activities, and when a group wants to do things together because they’re always fun, whether we wipe or faceroll.

I could be wrong, but it seems like now that so much content is solo-only or soloable (dailies, transmog and pet runs, mount runs) I feel like fewer people are choosing to do things with guildies. LFR and LFD are terribly convenient when people all have different schedules, but I dislike pugging and will do only the absolute minimum unless I can run with guildies.

How do you make my kind of guild happen, I wonder?

I can hope that things turn out right, I can do my best to attract like-minded people and encourage them to do things together. What actually will happen, I don’t know.